Leading engineering, management, procurement and more!

Renowned engineering firm providing tailored solutions to Ghana's engineering industries.

Zutron Energy is an independent renowned engineering firm that specializes in offering customized solutions to the Oil and Gas, Power, and Mining sectors in Ghana. With a strong reputation, Zutron Energy has consistently delivered exceptional services tailored to the unique needs of these industries. Over time, we have forged valuable strategic partnerships throughout the entire value chain. These partnerships, coupled with our global alliances, enable us to provide high-quality and punctual services to our esteemed clients.





Our Services

Leading engineering, management, procurement and more!

Infrastructure and Construction

Downturns, lockdowns, trade wars and, for some, a dawning era of massive infrastructure investment add up to a moment of extraordinary change and opportunity for the construction and building products industry. Soaring construction costs have stressed both commercial and residential subsectors, and their related supply chains. Yesterday’s playbook is out, and adaptability is in.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

We are world-class experts in the oil, gas and chemical industries. Our expertise and experience in oil, gas and chemicals cover the complete value chain of up- mid- and downstream sectors. From drilling and installing flowlines to bulk pipeline, storage, distribution, and end-user facilities.

Energy and Natural Resources

Agriculture and humankind have transformed each other for millennia, but new factors have altered the balance and accelerated the change. Disruptive technologies, relentless global competition, and urgent ecological concerns are forcing agribusiness leaders to undertake bold innovations that are sustainable—both for the planet and the corporate bottom line.


Mining may be among the oldest of industries, but it’s undergoing a profound transformation. Growth and technology, along with a sharper focus on sustainability and corporate responsibility, have combined to create disruption and economic pressure for even the most well-established mining companies.

Oil, Gas & Chemicals

As a leader in the oil and gas industry, you make decisions every day amid deep market uncertainty and relentless pressure to improve performance. Now more than ever you need a trusted advisor to help you chart your path forward. We can help you achieve full potential, build resilience, and reduce risk across the value chain—from exploration and production to retail networks and related services.


Zutron Energy specializes in the design and development of power generation facilities for a wide range of industrial clients. Our engineers and analysts focus on energy efficiency and resiliency in order to maximize project payback and aid long-term facility planning.

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