Mining may be among the oldest industries, but it’s undergoing a profound transformation. Growth and technology and a sharper focus on sustainability and corporate responsibility have combined to create disruption and economic pressure for even the most well-established mining companies.

To thrive in tomorrow’s world, leaders must make critical decisions today, about corporate strategy, operating models, to realize the full value of your sites and products, digital transformation, M&A diligence, performance improvement, and more. Success requires that companies evolve across strategic and operational dimensions. That’s where we come in.

Our teams can help you optimize your portfolio and growth strategy, set your sustainability ambitions, deliver your capital projects, and develop detailed plans to achieve your targets. We’ll show you how to achieve the full potential of your assets through accelerated operational improvement programs, using digital tools that deliver unprecedented value. Our mining consulting teams draw upon a deep well of experience across the entire value chain, from upstream mining to downstream processing to related support functions.

Every day, we work alongside our clients to find new ways to deliver lasting results; that means we don’t simply introduce a new process, tool, or methodology, but rather help your company build the capabilities that make innovation continuous and sustainable.


Mining producers operate in an intensely competitive sector, but there have never been so many opportunities to find an edge. We can help you transform your industry’s biggest challenges into some of your company’s greatest opportunities.


What We Do

We draw on our global capability to deliver sustainable and profitable operations to our clients. Whether you need a full EPC contractor on site, a turnaround team, or a commissioning crew – we’re ready to help.



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